Tax Services

It is our mission to ensure that you receive the best possible result from filing this year’s tax return, and while we cannot make any promises about refunds, we are committed to filing complete and accurate returns that give you the lowest legal liability allowed by the law. We know the tax law, IRS audit trends, and how best to protect your interests.

Our tax preparation services include: preparation of individual, small business, corporate, & partnership, trust & estate tax returns, tax planning, supplemental fillings including: 1099 MISC, 1099 INT, etc., preparation of sales & use tax returns, preparation of payroll tax returns, and non-filers.


If you have received an audit letter, we have the experience and training to find you a solution. We pride ourselves on knowing how to best present your documentation and how to negotiate a good result. Audits are all about teaching the auditor about you, your family, and expenses. If you are self-employed, it is critical to teach the auditor about your business.

The IRS has hired many new auditors, and while they are very well-trained in finding general adjustments, you need us to train them in your business. Not all businesses operate the same way and have the same expenses. We help you get an accurate audit result based on your business type, expenses, and records.


Tax Planning

Do you need assistance with tax preparation? We’re happy to handle California sales tax preparation and e-filing for any business. If you need assistance with any other tax planning, reach out to us today.


Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

Are you trying to keep everything straight with your employees and payroll? Gone are the days that you’re trying to figure everything out on your own! That’s why you have us. We are here to take the stress off of your shoulders and to keep your payroll on time, accurate, and reliable.

Tax Services or Planning. We’re Here to Help.